Five Years

Five years ago—

I lived in the Philippines.
I was a teacher in the traditional classroom and online.
I had a tight social circle.
I weighed 100 pounds.
I was with someone.
I was feeling depressed, or maybe just tired, from juggling all of life.
And being too young, immature, and prideful.



I’m in Toronto.
I’m a retail store supervisor and will go back to school soon.
I have a few good friends.
I weigh 120 pounds.
I am single and grateful for it.
I get defeated by life’s obstacles once in a while but remain hopeful.
And I see me for me, flawed and blemished, and accept myself whole-heartedly.


I’m the same person…only better, only wiser, only more hopeful, only more wrinkled but all the more human. =)

What a difference five years make. I can’t believe this day would come this year without any bitter aftertaste.

All’s well that ends well, indeed.


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