We only get one life.

We can only dwell in one body, harbour one soul, own one face with a name and an address and some peculiar characteristics. We only have limited time and energy and skills. We are only one, despite our million fears and feelings and fascinations. We are all we have got, actually.

And in this one chance at life, I hope we get to know who we are underneath all the fabrics  and facades we wrap ourselves around. I hope we like who we see in the mirror and take pride wearing our shells, living in our temples, our holiness, our bodies. I hope we believe that person’s heart, and soul, and capacities at all costs and ends, with every counted breath. I hope we accomplish the dreams the Lord has placed in our hearts. I hope we don’t get complacent where we are and who we think we are. I hope we get rid of fear to fail and fear to try. I hope we find hope everywhere. I hope we could always be happy. I hope we bask in the goodness of our good days and defeat the horror in our bad ones. I hope we get to heal and rebuild and trust again, over and over and over. I hope we never run out of hopes and dreams and reasons for living and also loving. Even when we are old, even when we are weak at the moment, even when we are alone, even when we feel and have nothing, even when life has screwed us up and hardened us. Even if everything and everyone seems to be against us. 

I don’t know why I’m writing this post. Maybe I just need it to regain some perspective and find my own sanity in a world as busy, messy and scary as this one has become. Maybe someone else needs to hear this because they’re just as lost as I am. Maybe it makes absolute sense to some random soul wandering the universe while wondering about life. May our only souls know which questions to ask and may we find answers to them in due time. May we choose to continue living amid all the loss and despair and destruction and a trove of examples to give up due to  the meaninglessness of it all.

We only get one life and that’s that. May I learn the full weight of this fact. I hope this one counts…hope I can make it count.

(“One”, Weather Report from November 17 2013)


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  1. emj101010 says:

    Here comes that random soul. Keep that inspiration up.

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